Thursday, January 29, 2009


My hubster and his friend at work have landed a new co-worker. He's a duck and his nickname is JD, which stands for Jammer Duck. They spend their day planning elaborate set ups of JD's office and making sure he goes home in the evening. lol. His office even has pictures of his travels. Here's my favorite.

So You Think You Got Talent?

I brought my hubster to my school talent show. The talent show was a-mazing. I didn't know how many really talented kids we had at school. I think it has a lot to do with the art programs that are available during and after school. Here are my favorite conversations of the evening with my hubster:

While we're waiting for the show to start, we're surrounded by bouncy hyper kids.

Hubster: I want a daughter.
Me: Really?
Hubster: If I could have a daughter first, I would.
Me: (smiles) Why?
Hubster: Because I know what boys are like.
Me: Well, I know what girls are like, so I would like to have a boy first.
Both: (laughs)

Little kindergartner gets on stage to sing a song from Little Mermaid. She is beyond cute. She has her Little Mermaid costume (minus the ugly red wig) including matching tiara on. She has sparkles on her face and hair. She's just so teeny.

Hubster: See, that's why I want a daughter. Girls are cuter.
Me: (beaming)

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Flying Solo

This week, my mentor teacher is off on a fantastic vacation. He left instructions that I get to do whatever I want, which includes teaching all day. Yay! It's been challenging but a one-of-a-kind learning experience. The sub has been very accomodating and encouraging. Here's a conversation I had with one of my kiddos as I was leading the line to the computer lab.

AP: Mrs. T---, do you feel proud being the only teacher?
Me: What do you mean? Mrs. B-------- is still here with me.
AP: (smiles) Well, I mean. You get to tell us what to do.
Me: (smiles) Hmm...well, yes. I got to do it a lot in the first grade class I was with. It was a lot of fun. I like not being the sidekick all the time.
AP: (laughs) Me too!

I wondered how I have been looking this week. What does proud look like? If it means excited and interested in them, then, yes I feel proud. I am proud of all that they have done this week and how respectful they have been. They are definitely growing on me like fungus.

Sunday, January 25, 2009


Procrastination is painful. Now, I have learned why I try my best not to be enticied by it. What did I do instead of my homework?
  • Had a Super Deluxe Sandwich that wasn't as super as usual.
  • Went to 5 pet shops looking for goods for our fishys and shrimpys.
  • Watched my hubster indulge in Arizona Sweet Tea that only cost $1.
  • Aided my hubster in stocking up on Turkey brine for the next 6 years. The brine was only $0.89.
  • Got ready for my week with my kiddos. I'm flying solo (kind of).
  • Made a Chinese Zodiac for me wee ones. I get to see them tomorrow! Yay!
  • Bought a rain stick and rattle drum. Only keeping the rattle drum.
  • Rode on the scooter to church. It was stunningly cold.
  • Went to neighbors' open house. Chatted with sweet old people.
  • Wrote on my blog. :)
It was all worth it. I wouldn't have changed my weekend one bit.

I <3 Chris Brown Even More!

You must at least make it 0:40. It's my favorite part.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Fishy Fun

Our dear Malcolm's (our betta) legacy is that he has made us into fish loving people. After him passing, we have decided to upgrade to bigger tank with more fish. We have taken on six glo-lites and two glass shrimps. We're hoping to get two more fish and two more shrimp. We'll see how the cycling process goes. Our local pet store man misled us into believing that we only had to cycle for two days and everything would be okay. Apparently, the cycling process takes up to a month. We should have started with heartier fish like mollies. C'est la vie. We're hoping our glo-lites last.

Meet the Glo-lites.
They like to travel as a school.

Uno of our dos shrimpys.
Yep, that's really its name.

One of our shrimpys molted.
My hubster freaked out because he thought it died.

"Your Life is an Occasion...Rise To It."

My hubster asked me if there was ever a happy movie that Natalie Portman played in. I instantly thought of Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium. I have been itching to watch it, so it was a good excuse to watch it. Overall, I thought it was an endearing movie. I think it's as much of an adult movie as it is a children's movie. Grown-ups often need more convincing when it comes to believing in themselves than children, which is the theme of this movie. I loved Eric and his hat eccentric hat collection. Dustin Hoffman definitely stole the show though. My hubster could not get over that that was him as Mr. Magorium. I thought it was adorable how they called Henry, Mutant the whole time and he always responded to it. Expect, maximum cheesiness for the ending though. It's definitely worth watching when in need of a lighthearted movie.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Raytheon is Honored

The following article holds a special place in my heart because it's about the project that my hubster tirelessly works on. I'm so proud of him!

AVIATION WEEK Magazine Honors Raytheon with Two Program Excellence Awards
Thursday January 22, 9:00 am ET

NEW YORK, Jan. 22, 2009 /PRNewswire/ -- AVIATION WEEK magazine recognized two Raytheon Company (NYSE: RTN - News) programs, the Miniature Air Launched Decoy and Advanced Field Artillery Tactical Data System, for achievements in 2008.

Raytheon Missile Systems won the Sub-System Research and Development/System Design and Development Phase category for MALD(TM). Raytheon Network Centric Systems won the System Production/Sustainment category for AFATDS. more>>

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Miss? Ms? Mrs?

Today, I made a poster with my name and my mentor teacher's name on it. I did it because I had a poster like that for my last class. It also helps to make me feel more like a part of the classroom culture. Ever since I got married, I totally prefer to go by Mrs. If a kiddo says Miss or Ms, I don't stress. It's not a big deal. I just like Mrs because it helps me seem more grown up and a bit more of a legit teacher.

Of course, my kiddos noticed the new poster since they notice everything that's new. One kiddo said, "It's Mrs. T----. Not Miss. T----?" I finally realized that to most kiddos that Miss is usually associated with a young teacher and Mrs with an old teacher. I don't think they really get that it has to do with being married or not. I heart that they think of me as a young teacher and not an old lady, but I still prefer Mrs. For the rest of the day, my kiddos kept reminding other kiddos that I'm Mrs. I vote that guys totally have it easy since they're just Mr regardless of marital status. Boo!

Bacon on My Bacon

I heart bacon on my bacon. I recently told a story of how I like to eat only a plate full of bacon for breakfast when we go on a cruise. I usually get the guy behind me that says, "Hey, where do you put all of that?" Harhar. As a response to my story, my friend Mychal with a y, sent me this cartoon.

Thanks Mychal with a Y!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

My Open Letter to the President

Dear Mr. President,

You are the hope of this nation. I know that is a lot of weight to have on your shoulders and that you will be endlessly scrutinized for every decision you make. You have made one great promise in your speech. My hope is that you will keep your promise to ensure that our schools no longer fail our children. Children are one of our greatest resources. Their wonder and happiness should be guarded with the utmost care by those who are no longer children. As adults, we can bear the disappointment and the anxiety of our nation's woes. Our schools should be a safe place for children to explore their ideas. Schools should not be an institution where the children are bound to the ideas and information found in their textbooks because the teachers must teach to the test. The test does not always show how a child understands the line of symmetry because he can identify the line of symmetry on himself. It does not prove that a child understands how a character feels because she has also lost her pet just like the character in the story. We need to teach our children how to think not just to take a test. How can they navigate the world if they have not be taught how to think? Higher thinking does not come naturally to anyone; even those who are gifted have to be coaxed to their full potential. Please help to ensure that schools are a place where thinking occurs and not memorization. Encourage teachers to be guides and children to be explorers. Children are our hope. Children are our future.

Happy Inaugration Day!

I'm looking forward to carrying the gift of freedom to future generations. I'm also ready for the New Era of Public Service. The White House website is Obama-tastic now.

How great does "former President Bush" sound now?

Monday, January 19, 2009

Yay for Hubster!

My hubster had an awesome day today. He passed his design review with flying colors. I'm pretty sure that he'll say, "I can't believe you wrote about that on your blog!" I just can't help being proud of him. He totally brings it upon himself anyway with all of his awesomeness.

Happy MLK Jr Day!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Alota Alpaca

We went for our weekly scooter trip. This time, I wanted to go to see the Alpacas that we skipped seeing last time. We learned that Alpacas are definitely cuter than Llamas. In addition, we learned that when old raggedy alpaca is lying down sideways does not mean it's dead. I learned that my hubster is afraid of Alpacas spitting at him. When I went to go get my pictures, he politely reminded me not to get to close. I told him I knew that and I had learned my lesson last time with the bison.

After we went to visit the Alpacas, we went to this little village nearby and found the most adorable elementary school. I love the schools in the valley; they always look so sweet. The founding of this school dates all the way back to 1882. It's near the Old Stage Coach route. My hubster says it looks like a school in paradise. How could I not be sold on it? I'm so happy we get to go exploring on our scooty.

Uber curious alpaca.

Uber curious alpaca with a curious friend.

The whole alpaca bunch.

Taking a peek inside the kindergarten building.

FYI, you can't bring dogs or farm animals to school

My hubster getting his fitness on.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Most Romantic Book

Two Tickets to Paradise - Eddie Money

This song is beyond adorable when a 100 first graders sing it along with a piano accompaniment.

Thursday, January 15, 2009


Today's lesson: water + cornstarch + tempra paint =
gak (not paste paper)

I <3 My Mentor Teacher & Rug Rollers

Yesterday, I got my Thank You book that my kiddos made me from my mentor teacher. I saved getting it because I knew I would totally need it yesterday as a great pick-me up. I must say it was way better than coffee. After reading the book and wiping my tears of happiness, I have come away with the essential understanding that when it comes to teaching the little things matter just as much as the well-planned lessons. I loved all the things my kiddos wrote about, but here are my top favorites. Enjoy!

AF: I like the way you teach me. You are very nice. It saems (seems) like you know everything.
CT: I will always remember when you read the story about a fox and a girl.
EG: I like you because you are my friend.
JK: I liked that you always came in the room with a smile.
JG: I like when you say my name. Good luck teaching.
JO: I would never forget how much fun it is being with you in the class.
LM: I like you when you say good morning friends. And also when you say you can do a better picture on my journal.
MO: We love to talk to each other.

Oh, my kiddos. There's nothing in the world like teaching.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

I<3 My BIL

For my facebook status, I wrote: Bea is having a good day.A few minutes later, my BIL (brother in law) wrote: "no 'Lovely Day'. well at least i hope you are." He happened to be exactly right. I'm having a lovely day.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The Future is a Giant Bunny

Macau To Be Represented At Shanghai World Expo By A Giant Bunny Pavilion

Remember World's Fairs? I wish I did, because they seemed like they were a prit-tay good time. And now, instead of self-cleaning kitchens, rocket cars and the World of Tomorrow, we get Bunny Pavilions.

Not dissing the Shanghai Expo outright, as it seems like a pretty good place to exhibit cracked-out brain melting exhibitions of the oncoming international future, and Macau is the gambling and casion capital of China (nay the world), so it makes sense that its representation is a little, how do you say, Vegas. more>>


For these first two weeks of the quarter, I've been taking art workshops. The first couple of workshops involved a lot of music, acting, and storytelling. None of which, I'm actually good at. Being shy does not help in the department of performing arts. This week's workshop involved actually making art like paintings, etc. Art that I could actually have my kiddos that would have a finished product they would be able to keep. It was super exciting! I was so inspired that I made an art mosaic.

1. orange paint brush, 2. Colored Creativity, 3. Chalk Blocks, 4. Orange, 5. The Colour Wheel according to Wollmeise, 6. Paper Hearts, 7. watercolor swatches, 8. paper mache penguin, 9. animals

Monday, January 12, 2009

Golden Moment of Today

Mixing "circumcises" for "circumstances" as I read an email aloud to my hubster. What can I say? It's been a long day. :)

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Can't Wait for the Fallen

Twin Miis Too?

Background for this story: Jove and I have always been confused for each other ever since we met in high school. It has happened with our friends and our teachers. We've been pretty understanding since we're about the same height, similiar complexion, and have similar hair. Lately, we've even been dressing alike, completely unintentionally. Here's the twiny Mii moment:

Hubster: (running on the Wii Fit) Hey! Your Mii just passed me!
Me: (looks up) That's not my Mii. That's Jove's Mii!
Both: (laugh)

Jove's on the right.

Get Your Fitness On

After this exhausting first week back to university classes, I opened my Wii Fit as my little treat to myself. I'm proud to say that I also got it all set up by myself too. (Thanks for pushing me to be independent hubster.) We have had a total fun-filled fitness day. My favorite activities include the steps, aerobics, and the table ball balance game. My hubster loves the running. He's making carpet circles in our living room as I blog. Here's one of my favorite moments.

Me: (attempting to do the balance test) This sucks!
Wii Balance Board: You're having a hard time balancing. Do you trip when you walk?
Hubster: (erupts in laughter)
Me: How did it know?!? Oh my gosh!

Friday, January 9, 2009

Catch Up: SD Auto Show 2008

Going to the Auto Show has become one of our favorite winter traditions. This year we brought my friend Mychal with a Y. It was really fun. I got to sit in the M5, Challenger, and the ISF. My friend Mychal officially thinks I have expensive taste. We didn't get to sit in the GTR though, which was a total bummer. My hubster did get a free GTR poster. Another highlight was test driving a Tundra through the off-road course. We drove up an incline at 40 degree angle and drove along the side of mound of dirt at a 30 degree angle. Too much fun!

Not Fat

I finally got brave enough to weigh myself today for the first time after winter break. I am happy to report that I did not gain an ounce of weight even though I had a steady routine of eating then napping immediately. We also had a steady eating schedule from 10-10. Not the entire day but intermittently. Thank god for my metabolism and my genetic make up.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Thank You!

I am not big on writing sappy blog posts, but I had to make an exception this time. I just wanted to say thank you to all my friends who have supported me through this teaching process. They have kept me afloat through the darkest waters with their kind words and unfailing hope in me. They help remind me that it is not worth changing myself to please others or to help others make themselves feel better about themselves. They always seem to chime in at the right moment and tell me that this process is worth it. For all those reasons, I cannot begin to express how thankful I am for you. I hope I can be what you are to me.

New Favorite Blogs

My friend Nicole just told me about these blogs. They're hilarious! They don't need much of an introduction and the title is self-explanatory.

My Mom is a FOB
My Dad is a FOB

Thanks Nicole! :)

Puppet Mania

We've been doing this art series since we got back to big school (university). It's to help us better understand how to incorporate art into our lessons. Today, we finished these interesting hand puppets.

I had to stay over at my friend's apartment, waiting for my hubster to pick me up. (Thanks for babysitting Nicole.) Of course, I wanted to show my hubster my puppet. He gave the face. You know the I-have-to-smile-because-my-wife-made-this-but-I-don't-know-what-the-hell-to-say-about-it face. I was slightly disappointed, but I had anticipated it. Here's my favorite part of puppet mania.

Hubster: Nicole, is that yours? (pointing at her bear puppet)
Nicole: Yea. It's a bear.
Hubster: It's cool. It doesn't scare me as much.
(a few seconds later)
Liz (Nicole's Roomie): Allen, do you want to see mine?
Hubster: Of course.
Liz: (brings puppet over and shows hubster) His name is Melvin.
Hubster: He's cool. He looks like an engineer.
Ginna (Nicole's other Roomie): Do you want to see mine?
Hubster: Yea.
Ginna: (goes to her room and gets her finger puppet) See, it's a finger puppet with a big ol' head.
Hubster: Cool. It's a bird. Why doesn't it have any clothes?
Ginna: Eh. Didn't feel like it.

I heart my hubster for letting all of us share our funky puppets with him. I heart the girls for wanting to share it with him. It was a good day. :)

My Lion

I just want throw out the disclaimer that I did the best with what I had.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Love Love Love This Quotation

"Guard well within yourself that treasure: kindness. Know how to give without hesitation, how to lose without regret, how to acquire without meanness." - George Sand (1804-1876)


Monday, January 5, 2009

Scientific Proof That True Love Lasts?

Scientists: True love can last a lifetime

(CNN) -- Love's first blush fading? Lost that loving feeling? Love is not all around?

Sick of cliches?

Take heart, scientists have discovered that people can have a love that lasts a lifetime.

Using brain scans, researchers at Stony Brook University in New York have discovered a small number of couples respond with as much passion after 20 years together as most people only do during the early throes of romance, Britain's Sunday Times newspaper reported.

The researchers scanned the brains of couples together for 20 years and compared them with results from new lovers, the Sunday Times said. more>>

Sunday, January 4, 2009

My All Time Favorite Random Picture

Two of my very closest friends randomly bumped into each other at Santa Monica Pier. He lives all the way out in Phoenix. She just moved to Santa Monica a few months ago.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

My New Hero

I heart Darren Sproles (Sprinkles as we fondly refer to him), number 43 from the Chargers. He's so awesome for only being 5' 6". Have you seen him rush to make a touchdown? He's a-mazing. I don't think he gets enough credit. Poor guy, living in LT's shadow.

50 Things I'm Thankful For

50. Spicy Potato Chips
49. Anthony Bourdain's No Reservations
48. Sleeping Beauty
47. Disneyland
46. Peach and Lychee Boba Milkshakes
45. Mechanical Pencils
44. Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream
43. Emails from My Professors at Cal Poly
42. Funny Facebook Messages
41. Boni's Al Pastor Tacos
40. Birthday Phone Calls
39. Gelato
Robyn Be Mine
37. The Little Prince
36. Dalai Lama
34. Daily Coyote
33. Buon Appetito
32. Via Vai
31. In n Out
30. IV Deli
29. USB drives
28. Ann Taylor Loft Sales
27. Coffee Bean
26. Royal Caribbean Cruise Line
25. Bennett's
24. Store at Buchanan
23. In a Station of the Metro
22. Hope is a Thing with Feathers
My Stella Bella
20. The Alchemist
19. My High School Friends (Jove, Mark, Jenn, and David)
18. Pride and Prejudice (book and movie)
17. Geo Challenge on Facebook
16. Boys from Cal Poly (Alex, Eliot, Carlos and Mychal)
15. Cuteoverload
The kindness of strangers.
13. Chrysanthemum
12. Our wedding and honeymoon pictures.
11. Beautiful sunrises overlooking Refugio beach.
10. The wonderful mentor teachers that continue to inspire me.
9. My garden.
8. My husband doing the dishes.
7. My core teacher-to-be friends (Nicole, Hanh, Helen, & Talar).
6. My laptop, going on 5 years strong.
5. The kiddos who brighten my day everyday.
4. My Home
3. My Kitties
2.My Parents
1. My Hubster

Happy New Years Eve!

For NYE, we went to Disneyland with my parents. It was pure madness. Not as crowded as I had anticipated, but still incredibly crowded. We only got a few rides in and had to sit in the chilly weather for two hours to get a good spot for the fireworks. Maybe next year, we'll have a little bit more of a low key celebration.