Sunday, January 25, 2009


Procrastination is painful. Now, I have learned why I try my best not to be enticied by it. What did I do instead of my homework?
  • Had a Super Deluxe Sandwich that wasn't as super as usual.
  • Went to 5 pet shops looking for goods for our fishys and shrimpys.
  • Watched my hubster indulge in Arizona Sweet Tea that only cost $1.
  • Aided my hubster in stocking up on Turkey brine for the next 6 years. The brine was only $0.89.
  • Got ready for my week with my kiddos. I'm flying solo (kind of).
  • Made a Chinese Zodiac for me wee ones. I get to see them tomorrow! Yay!
  • Bought a rain stick and rattle drum. Only keeping the rattle drum.
  • Rode on the scooter to church. It was stunningly cold.
  • Went to neighbors' open house. Chatted with sweet old people.
  • Wrote on my blog. :)
It was all worth it. I wouldn't have changed my weekend one bit.

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