Saturday, January 10, 2009

Twin Miis Too?

Background for this story: Jove and I have always been confused for each other ever since we met in high school. It has happened with our friends and our teachers. We've been pretty understanding since we're about the same height, similiar complexion, and have similar hair. Lately, we've even been dressing alike, completely unintentionally. Here's the twiny Mii moment:

Hubster: (running on the Wii Fit) Hey! Your Mii just passed me!
Me: (looks up) That's not my Mii. That's Jove's Mii!
Both: (laugh)

Jove's on the right.

1 comment:

hovaleen said...

LOoooooooooooove it :) Super funny.

We should bring our wiifit board up and play O_O OMG! Please tell me you're avlbl to hang on the 18th :)