Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Miss? Ms? Mrs?

Today, I made a poster with my name and my mentor teacher's name on it. I did it because I had a poster like that for my last class. It also helps to make me feel more like a part of the classroom culture. Ever since I got married, I totally prefer to go by Mrs. If a kiddo says Miss or Ms, I don't stress. It's not a big deal. I just like Mrs because it helps me seem more grown up and a bit more of a legit teacher.

Of course, my kiddos noticed the new poster since they notice everything that's new. One kiddo said, "It's Mrs. T----. Not Miss. T----?" I finally realized that to most kiddos that Miss is usually associated with a young teacher and Mrs with an old teacher. I don't think they really get that it has to do with being married or not. I heart that they think of me as a young teacher and not an old lady, but I still prefer Mrs. For the rest of the day, my kiddos kept reminding other kiddos that I'm Mrs. I vote that guys totally have it easy since they're just Mr regardless of marital status. Boo!

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