Saturday, January 17, 2009

Alota Alpaca

We went for our weekly scooter trip. This time, I wanted to go to see the Alpacas that we skipped seeing last time. We learned that Alpacas are definitely cuter than Llamas. In addition, we learned that when old raggedy alpaca is lying down sideways does not mean it's dead. I learned that my hubster is afraid of Alpacas spitting at him. When I went to go get my pictures, he politely reminded me not to get to close. I told him I knew that and I had learned my lesson last time with the bison.

After we went to visit the Alpacas, we went to this little village nearby and found the most adorable elementary school. I love the schools in the valley; they always look so sweet. The founding of this school dates all the way back to 1882. It's near the Old Stage Coach route. My hubster says it looks like a school in paradise. How could I not be sold on it? I'm so happy we get to go exploring on our scooty.

Uber curious alpaca.

Uber curious alpaca with a curious friend.

The whole alpaca bunch.

Taking a peek inside the kindergarten building.

FYI, you can't bring dogs or farm animals to school

My hubster getting his fitness on.

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