Thursday, January 15, 2009

I <3 My Mentor Teacher & Rug Rollers

Yesterday, I got my Thank You book that my kiddos made me from my mentor teacher. I saved getting it because I knew I would totally need it yesterday as a great pick-me up. I must say it was way better than coffee. After reading the book and wiping my tears of happiness, I have come away with the essential understanding that when it comes to teaching the little things matter just as much as the well-planned lessons. I loved all the things my kiddos wrote about, but here are my top favorites. Enjoy!

AF: I like the way you teach me. You are very nice. It saems (seems) like you know everything.
CT: I will always remember when you read the story about a fox and a girl.
EG: I like you because you are my friend.
JK: I liked that you always came in the room with a smile.
JG: I like when you say my name. Good luck teaching.
JO: I would never forget how much fun it is being with you in the class.
LM: I like you when you say good morning friends. And also when you say you can do a better picture on my journal.
MO: We love to talk to each other.

Oh, my kiddos. There's nothing in the world like teaching.

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