Saturday, January 24, 2009

Fishy Fun

Our dear Malcolm's (our betta) legacy is that he has made us into fish loving people. After him passing, we have decided to upgrade to bigger tank with more fish. We have taken on six glo-lites and two glass shrimps. We're hoping to get two more fish and two more shrimp. We'll see how the cycling process goes. Our local pet store man misled us into believing that we only had to cycle for two days and everything would be okay. Apparently, the cycling process takes up to a month. We should have started with heartier fish like mollies. C'est la vie. We're hoping our glo-lites last.

Meet the Glo-lites.
They like to travel as a school.

Uno of our dos shrimpys.
Yep, that's really its name.

One of our shrimpys molted.
My hubster freaked out because he thought it died.

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