Thursday, January 29, 2009

So You Think You Got Talent?

I brought my hubster to my school talent show. The talent show was a-mazing. I didn't know how many really talented kids we had at school. I think it has a lot to do with the art programs that are available during and after school. Here are my favorite conversations of the evening with my hubster:

While we're waiting for the show to start, we're surrounded by bouncy hyper kids.

Hubster: I want a daughter.
Me: Really?
Hubster: If I could have a daughter first, I would.
Me: (smiles) Why?
Hubster: Because I know what boys are like.
Me: Well, I know what girls are like, so I would like to have a boy first.
Both: (laughs)

Little kindergartner gets on stage to sing a song from Little Mermaid. She is beyond cute. She has her Little Mermaid costume (minus the ugly red wig) including matching tiara on. She has sparkles on her face and hair. She's just so teeny.

Hubster: See, that's why I want a daughter. Girls are cuter.
Me: (beaming)

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