Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Last weekend, my hubster and I took a drive over to a local farm that I've been wanting to visit. Things have been rather hectic, so I'm happy that we finally had the chance to go over. While we were there, my hubster asked his classic question about the sweetness of the fruits. Whenever, he asks that particular question I always think, "If the farmer is smart, he'll say yes. Of course." Surprisingly, the farmer was honest. He said the pluots are sweet as long as they're soft. He handpicked several for us. 

We've been keeping them in our fridge, saving them to be our road trip treat. We ate them yesterday, and they were delicious! I ate two in a row because I couldn't help myself. I loved that the inside of each of the pluots were different in color. One was ruby red like the one pictured above. The other was a lovely golden yellow. It felt like I was holding the sunset in my hands. 

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