Thursday, August 12, 2010

A Real Piece of Work
Yesterday, I spent the day vegging out. It's been a long couple of days. I definitely feel more relaxed if not a bit more brain dead after way too much tv. I landed on Bravo and watched the Work of Art marathon. I was a huge fan of Project Runway when it was on Bravo. Work of Art reeks of a cheap rip off of Project Runway. They have their own cold work rooms, Tim-Gunn-look-alike, and cheesy catch phrases. I can't stand it when China Chow (Yes, she's Asian.) says, "The art world is fickle. Your art work only works when it works. Your art work didn't work for us." 

The egos on the show were out of control. I've never seen so much obnoxious trash talking. I only stuck it out because I was intrigued about how they interpreted each of the challenges. The Children's Art Museum challenge was my favorite for obvious reasons. I really wish that Bravo would start showing some shows that don't use the Project Runway or Real Housewives templates.

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