Monday, August 23, 2010

Just Be

Whenever somebody compliments me, I get rather bashful. I don't know what it is about being complimented that totally turns me into Flower from Bambi. I blush. I shrug my shoulders. I start to stumble over my words saying things like, "Oh, you're really too nice." Silly. I know. 

I never think the things that I do are a big deal. Usually, I just try to trust my heart or I do things that I like to do. It's always particularly humbling when the compliment comes from my friends. I think my friends are such wonderfully fascinating people. 

Last week, I got this message on my Facebook from my friend Mark, "You and another friend have inspired me to create a photography album. I'll make it sometime today. =)" He also gave me a shout out in his album description. I definitely appreciate the shout out. What's the best part? I get to see his really awesome photos. I'm happy that he decided to share them with everyone. Yay! The next step? Making him get a Flickr account.

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