Tuesday, August 24, 2010



I forget how ambitious I can be. When I say ambitious, I mean that I can easily get myself into situations where I end up over my head wondering, "What was I thinking?" These past couple of days have been exactly that. At work, I convinced my teaching-partner-in-crime to completely re-do her butcher-paper-jungle-vines-tree set up. What happened? I ended up twisting and crumpling a few feet green paper until my hands grew bitter. I also got to cut up leaves out of the leftover paper. Thank god, she hung the paper vines on the wire. We still have the trunk to make before Open House. How is that going to happen? Hmmm...too bad we can't put in small miracle requests like work orders. 

If work wasn't stressful enough, I overbooked us this weekend with our friends. Woops! It didn't seem like too bad of a plan when I was looking at the calendar. We spent all of Saturday in San Luis Obispo with Lisa on a mini photography excursion. Then, we spent most of Sunday evening with our friends and their adorable munchkin Kelby. Yesterday, we hightailed it to our very prego friend's house after work and had dinner with her two adorable tater-tots. Much fun was definitely had. All of the fun felt like eating too much candy the day after Halloween. A sugar high quickly followed by a sugar crash and tummy ache. Replace sugar with friends and tummy ache with sleepiness. Wouldn't have changed a thing! Big thanks to the understanding hubster!

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