Thursday, May 27, 2010

Clouds, Chicago Dogs, & Segways Day 2

It's that time again. Time to document all of my memories before they conveniently fade away to make room for new ones. I'm hesitant to say this, but I couldn't help but compare Chicago to New York the entire time I was there. I suppose it was because I had just been to New York two weeks beforehand. I'm fully aware that my perception of Chicago was definitely skewed by that.

While we rode the metro to South Loop, my initial impression was Chicago is a working man's New York. It hadn't been gentrified like much of Manhattan. Little did I know at the time, those buildings that we rode alongside would be the most industrial buildings that I would see during my visit. Downtown Chicago is lovely. We felt very safe walking around even in the evening. We loved all the different art installations.

On our second day out and about, we had planned to go to the Shedd Aquarium, see Buckingham Fountain, check out Millennium Park, and watch Billy Elliot. I felt that Shedd Aquarium was a bit overpriced (but with the CityPass it's a good deal). The 4-D Happy Feet show is worth taking the time to watch. I loved the Bean at Millennium Park. It's so fun to take fun-house-mirror-styled photos there. It's also fun to watch everyone else take photos. As for Billy Elliot, I was really impressed with the set design. Billy's best friend Michael is adorable. I also liked the idea of a musical being a social commentary. I also had my first Chicago dog for lunch and liked it! I'm not usually a hot dog fan, but I am a fan of condiments. It is condiment heaven. For dinner, we had $1 burgers at Bar Louie. Yum!

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