Friday, January 8, 2010

Just As Sweet the Second Time

I'm in the middle of rereading My Life in France. When I first read it, it was after our Mediterranean cruise and I was missing La Belle France (as Julia calls it). That was two years ago. Again, I find myself longing to see pretty apartments, small Virgin Mary shrines, street menus in cursive and the most perfect fruits and veggies. Now, My Life is back in my purse and being toted around with me daily. It's just as enchanting as before. Julia Child's wit and humor shines through. Her husband must have kept her on her toes because he sounds like quite the character as well. I now want to watch Julie & Julia and read The Sweet Life in Paris. I must prepare for our eventual trip to Paris. It's not a matter of if we will ever go. It's just a matter of when. Just ask my hubster. :)

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