Saturday, October 4, 2008


Leek Tart
from Martha Stewart

Today, I made my hubster the leek tart pictured above to go with our grilled salmon. He had some serious doubts when I picked up the puff pastry at the supermarket. He looked at the box and said, "I don't want strawberries with my salmon" because the box had a picture that looked like this:

With a few minor adjustments (adding tomatoes and feta cheese) to the recipe, the tart was a success. My hubster said, "You have to repeat this whatever it is." I told him it came from Martha and he eagerly replied with a "Thank you Martha." He devoured it during dinner. After I told him that I couldn't finish the remaining bit of my corner slice, he gladly snatched it from my plate and gobbled it. Yay my hubster likes tarts! Isn't he fancy?

Next step, learning how to make my tart more golden. I tried putting butter on it, but it didn't turn out as golden as the picture. Do I need an egg wash?

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