Sunday, October 5, 2008

Watch Out: Student Driver

Today, I got down to business and learned how to drive my hubster's stick shift car. He's been attempting to convince me to do it for the last couple of moments since his car gets better mileage. I didn't have the inkling to do so until I realized I don't want my gorgeous car run down into the ground because I'm too lazy to learn how to drive his car. Guilt is always a good reason to learn something right? I almost have it down. I just have to practice shifting gears more fluidly but I have the jist of it down. While he was teaching me this is a conversation we had:

Me: This is hard.
Hubster: Why is it hard? It's not as hard as teaching.
Me: You're right! It's not as hard as teaching.
Hubster: Yea, I know.

In that little brief exchange, I got enough confidence to really give it some effort. Thanks hubster for always putting my life into perspective for me when I'm too deep in the muck to do it myself. :) I heart you.

My hubster has decided that we will always have at least one stick shift car, so our kiddos will be forced to learn how to drive one. He's always planning ahead.

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