Thursday, June 26, 2008

Belize It or Not

It's way too easy for me to come up with lame puns like the one I used for the title of this entry. Can you tell that I work with kids? lol

Mark, one of my really close friends from high school (Yea, we go way back! All the way to middle school actually. lol) is in Belize doing some research. This isn't his first research trip abroad. He went to Nicaragua last year and brought me back some awesome guava jelly. :) He's with a group that's studying frogs, specifically the Hyla microcephala, which looks likes this:

I just wanted to mention him on my blog because I think it's so cool that he's in Belize doing what he loves. I'm so proud of him! I'm also very jealous that he gets to be a cool-globe-trotting-science researcher. Hopefully, when I finally become a teacher, I can persuade him to talk to my students. It's always a good idea to get kids excited about science, right?

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