Thursday, November 10, 2011

Dear Not-Yet-Made Soybeanito Letter #4

Dear Soybeanito,

Your dad has had a twinkle in his eye for you. It was particularly sparkly when we would see a little girl out and about. In my mind, you are glorious, a force to be reckon with. You'll be spunky and adorable. You will have your dad's intelligence, strength and confidence. From me, you will have my creativity, thoughtfulness and sharp tongue. Your humor will be offbeat and a bit sarcastic. For all these reasons, we love you to the moon and back many times over.

Then, the day will come when you are no longer our little girl, and you'll become a young woman. You will have left her childish things in a box in her closet. We will be wondering about that boy who comes over, if  he is really just a friend. 

At some point, your sharp tongue will be pointed at us. My heart sighs when I think of the day that you turn around and say you don't need us anymore. It won't be playful like when you were a wee one. Instead, there will be so much conviction in your voice that we know that you mean business. I can't bear to watch your dad's heart breaks as your eyes barrel those words deep into your heart. 

My hope is that you will be strong and empathetic. In your moments of frustration and growth, you will be mindful of what you say. I hope your love for others will weigh as much as your love for yourself.  We will be here by your side through the awkward growing pains and as you pull away from us. I know you will move mountains and change the world in your own way. As you change and grow, please don't forget who loved you before you even existed.   

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Kay Jay See Bee said...

I love these letters! Seems like you both would like a girl. Have you thought about a boy?