Friday, October 14, 2011


I'm pooped, exhausted, fatigued and any other word that describes being too tired to barely type this post. My hubster's been on travel for a few days, so I decided to catch up on everything at work. I had been dying to tackle my mountains of paperwork and student work, so I stayed an extra hour after homework club. Doesn't sound too bad. Well, I've been leaving work around 5ish then running a few errands. Then, dealing with my usual one-way 45 minute commute. I got home around 6:30ish the past couple of nights. Then, I graded science tests, math tests and reading homework. Oy! It makes me even more tired just typing it all out.

The perks? I only have my giant language arts pile left. My files are organized. The kiddos files are organized. Grades are entered into the gradebooks. My room is all spiffy and redecorated. I have an official to-do folder for my aid. I also have all my field trip forms organized for the huge field trip on Monday. Totally worth the extra work, but I don't want to do it for awhile. 

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