Friday, October 14, 2011

Falling In Like

Finally, I gave into all the hype and watched New Girl. I had to stop the Wedding episode five minutes in, so I can finish it with my hubster. It's hilarious. It's the kind of hilarious that makes you chuckle on the inside and out loud when it's totally ridiculous. Here are a few reasons, I have fallen in like with the show: 

1. Jess is a teacher. They've worked in totally believable teacher dialogue like:  

I’m a teacher so I’ll probably be bringing home a lot of popsicle sticks. 
I have to get to school cause it's astronomy day and I'm dressing up as Galileo, so I have to put on my beard.

2. The reverse Mormon joke went perfectly with our marathoning of Sister Wives on Netflix.

3. My hubster loves the running Douchebag Jar joke. 
4. Can't beat the classic comedic set up of one girl and two or more guys living together. 

1 comment:

Kay Jay See Bee said...

This is my fav. show right now. Ira says I'm like her. Not the teacher aspect, but the quirky aspect.