Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Happy Birthday to Me!

This past weekend, we celebrated my birthday. It was total college-themed birthday festivities. We had lunch with a prof, roamed around downtown, and ate pizza from our favorite 2-for-1 pizza place. Instead of a birthday cake, I had a half Cowboy Cookie sandwich (snickerdoodle and Heath Bar). Then, we stayed at a mineral springs resort then headed up to Cambria to meet some friends. We went on our 4th Hearst Castle tour. I highly recommend the evening tour. We went to Hearst's library, saw actors, and got to hang out in the kitchen. Our tour guide was hilarious and a joy to listen to. Well deserved relaxation and loads of fun. Hubster, thanks for one of the best birthdays ever!


Ninotchka said...

Happy Birthday, sweet friend!

Bea said...

Thanks, Nino! :)