Monday, May 16, 2011

Catch Up: Favorite Kiddo Conversations Lately

(After teaching them how to count in Chinese)

Miss K: Mrs. Trac? How did you get so smart?
Me: Me? I had really great teachers and I listened to them. 

Mr. J: I can't wait for Mrs. Trac to be in the circle for dodgeball.
Miss N: We can't hit Mrs. Trac. She's too pretty. 

(As the kiddos walk into classroom the morning of wet and wild Sports Day)
Miss O: Mrs. Trac, I'm not wearing any underwear! 
Me: (eyes wide) You're wearing your swimsuit underneath, right?
Miss O: Yea! It's Sports Day. You said I could wear it. 
Me: (sigh of relief)

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