Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Pummel Me

I'm a sucker for anything and everything on Photojojo. The photo gurus suggested Pummelvision. They said it would be "breathtakingly beautiful, painfully poignant, and utterly simple video summary" of my life. I was skeptical, but I'm up for anything. When it was done and I checked my Vimeo, it felt like an early Christmas present. My thoughts? Good Job Photojojo! Yes, it was "breathtakingly beautiful, painfully poignant, and utterly simple." My life has been filled with amazing beauty and love. I totally recommend it. 


Lisa*Asil said...

Very cool Bea! I might create one myself. I saw me in there! lol

Bea said...

You should totally do one! I would love to see it. I'm so happy that you saw your photos. It was that super fun Memorial Day weekend. We've been taking our visitors up to Knapps ever since. :)