Friday, September 17, 2010

Foodies? Who Knew?

Taken by Lisa
 I'm not comfortable with calling ourselves foodies. It wasn't until our NYC trip when our friend Carlos brought up the fact that we're foodies. Who knew? When I think of a foodie, I imagine somebody who watches FoodTV religiously, knows all the fancy restaurants in the nation, and has an encyclopedic knowledge of exotic foods. I just thought we liked food like everyone else does. 

On our recent vacays, we've learned that food is a huge factor for how enjoyable our vacay is. If we have lovely food experiences, we come back with an enthusiasm to promote the location like it's going out of style. Here's half of a conversation that my hubster had with Carlos. (I couldn't hear Carlos' part because they were talking on the cell.)

Hubster: I don't think we can go China. 
Hubster: It's not a big deal anyway. 
Hubster: Well, I don't want to go and eat Chinese food. I grew up eating Chinese food every day. 
Hubster: No, I'm not going to go to China and eat McDonalds. I want to go to country and enjoy their flare.*
Hubster: If we go to China, no flare for me. 

Yes, it's true. Most of time, the first consideration of a travel location is the cuisine. If we can't think of anything that we would want to eat there, it gets bumped off of the list. This is the part of the post where we give a big thanks to Anthony Bourdain for previewing the cuisines and locations for us..

 *I think he confused flare and fare. Isn't he cute? Hopefully, I'm just as cute as he is. I didn't figure out that he mixed up "flare" and "fare" until I typed up this post.


Lisa*Asil said...

Nice that you used the pic I took of Allen. My sister and I are just like you and Allen. When we're planning a vacation, the first thing we plan is what and where we're going to eat. We even plan our other activities around the restaurants. She has a long list of places we're going the next time I go back to New York...and they're all restaurants! haha We have more in common than I thought!

Bea said...

We did the exact same thing when we went to New York. I love that Yelp actually works in NYC. You'll have to keep us posted on the yummy finds.

Have you started taking photos of food? I try but sometimes I feel like such a goober in a restaurant. Any suggestions?