Saturday, August 7, 2010

Why Do I Love: Cow Poly

Now, I need to give my college years some credit. I skipped over high school because all I could dream about during high school was going to college. My hubster made one of the best decisions ever, and he decided to go to Cal Poly San Luis Obispo. Being two years younger than him, I followed him there. Romantic? Yes, I know. It was one of the best decisions.  It would take me sometime to realize it. Better late than never? And the answer is yes.

At Cal Poly, I found my voice. Cheesy. I know, but it's true. My favorite prof Mark Roberts encouraged me to use my voice in my writing rather than being consumed by what I think he wants to hear. Best advice ever. I learned that I didn't need convoluted writing. I needed clarity. I needed to connect with my reader. I'm forever grateful for that. He's not just a professor but a dear friend. He went to our wedding. I email him at least once a year with our annual updates. In the latest reply, he wrote, "I'm so grateful that you keep in touch." That kind of connection doesn't happen at every university. Another gift that I'm very thankful for.

Other than that fundamental lesson, I learned how to truly appreciate beauty. When my hubster first told me that he was going to Cal Poly, I thought, "Where is San Luis Obispo?" I looked on the map. It's in the middle of nowhere! When I got there, it's the most beautiful middle-of-nowhere imaginable. I had never been to the central coast. The beaches are heavenly. The surrounding hills show the beautiful wear of the seasons. I've been to many beautiful places, but San Luis Obispo and the entire central coast has my heart. It's the unpretentious serenity that sweeps me off my feet.

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