Thursday, August 5, 2010

That Guy

While we're watching an episode of Lie to Me, this is our conversation. 

Hubster: (looks at the actor playing the Korean ambassador) Hey
Me: Hmm?
Hubster: You know that black actor whose daughter made that [inappropriate] video.
Me: Who?
Hubster: Umm..not Denzel Washington or Morgan Freeman. 
Me: Eddie Murphy?
Hubster: No! He's not a comedian. That's why I compared him to Denzel. You know it's on Perez Hilton. 
Me: (looks confused)
Hubster: You haven't been reading?
Me: Nope.
Hubster: Gosh.

(long pause for lots of thinking)

Me: Lawrence Fishburne! 
Hubster: Yes! He looks like the Korean ambassador guy. 
Me: Gosh, babe. Who else would know what you're talking about?
Hubster: I don't need them to.*

*He's lucky that I like guessing games.

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