Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Why Do I Love: Teaching


The other day, I helped my friend Jove with her cover letter. I was so in awe of how she was able to display her personality so well in her letter. My hubster is always on me that my cover letter doesn't sound like me or the teacher that I am. My excuse is, "That's what the professional me sounds like." Weak. I know. Well, I'm working on jazzing it up a bit. I figured I would start with the basic question: Why do I love teaching?

I love teaching because it's the only time when I feel free. Most of the time, I spend my day over analyzing everything I do and say. When I teach, I follow my heart without question or fear. I intuitively read the cues in the children's voices and motions. When I ask the children questions, the questions may not come out perfectly. However, I am still able to lead them down the road of reasoning that I want them to discover. They seem to follow with ease and interest. In the classroom, my creativity and love for color coordinated organization systems are benefits. When color coordinating doesn't work, there's always old reliable alphabetizing to fall back on. As I'm standing in front of 40 or 56 eyes, I actually enjoying being spontaneous. I have to. You never know what they might say. Overall, I love teaching because more than one teacher made me feel special, made me feel smart, made me feel like I could be anything that I wanted to be. I want to pay it forward. do I get all of that into a cover letter? 

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