Wednesday, July 7, 2010

FiL (Father-in-Law)

I'm very lucky to have a FiL with a great sense of humor. You would never guess it when you meet him. He's very mellow. Every once in awhile, he'll bust out with a great one liner. He is the perfect sidekick to my MiL (mother-in-law). He definitely has better lines than she does. Well, my FiL just joined Facebook. You would think I would be in dismay. My hubster partake in good clean fun, so there's nothing too terrible posted about us. Actually, he has provided much needed entertainment.

His first post on my hubster's profile was a response to his profile photo: OMG! your gona look like me in the year 2030.
ha I 1st though that was me.

Then, I tagged him in my 4th of July album as his little girl (their adorable Pekingese). Later, I find out that he used this photo as his profile pic.

How awesome is my FiL? I hope you answered: very.

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