Monday, June 28, 2010

Wee Bit Red

I'm a wee bit embarrassed to say that my hubster and I don't have cable. Yes, we have a TV. As a matter of fact, we have two. No, we don't have an expansive DVD collection. We don't need to. Thanks to Netflix and Hulu, we have managed to evade the cable man and the dish man. We stream our favorite TV shows through Netflix on our Sony Blu-Ray player and Roku. No commercials. No reruns unless we want them to happen. For shows that aren't on DVD, enter Hulu. We keep up with all our favorite reality shows like Hell's Kitchen, Housewives, Pawn Stars, and Jamie's Food Revolution. Woot!

Why should I be embarrassed if we can keep up with our friends and co-workers' conversations? Well, when someone wants to watch something like the World Cup games or the NBA finals. We're not useful at all. This awkward conversation resumes:

Friend: So, have you been watching (enter name of sporting event)?
Me: Nope.
Friend: Do you want to?
Me: Sure. We can find a bar or something to go to.
Friend: Oh...that sounds like fun or we can just watch it at your place.
Me: Ummm...we don't have cable. (laughs nervously)
Friend: Oh...

Even though we have to have to have those conversations, I heart my friends for being very understanding. Actually, I think it's a real benefit to not have cable. We're more inclined to spend time talking to each other or doing fun things outdoors. Maybe, I'll just have to stop being embarrassed.

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Kay Jay See Bee said...

Don't be embarrassed. We don't have cable either. We did buy an antenna though so Ira can watch sports. So we do get some basic channels. I actually don't mind being without cable. We found we're more productive without it.