Monday, June 7, 2010

Son Nom Est...

The one year anniversary of having my handsome SLR is almost here. I just realized I never named it. What an injustice! He has been my right hand buddy this past year. I was always the kid that named everything: bears, play doh creations, and plants. Even as an adult, I named my favorite things. My car has a name, Stella. She is quite a star. Our scooter has a name, Salt and Pepper Fish and Scoot Scoot. Now, you can see my dilemma. My SLR needs a name. Sylvester? Sammy? Sheldon? Hmmm...perhaps, I will have to propose this question to my hubster.

My hubster suggested Shooty, which I vetoed.
My pick is Senor Snappy.

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