Saturday, January 2, 2010

Two Weeks Notice

We're back to our home after spending two weeks at my parents' house. It's become an annual tradition that we spend the last two weeks of December down there. This year, I've spent some time thinking if two weeks are too much. I've never had that thought before. I guess it's a little bit different because we're finally really settled into our little home. While we were there, I started to feel homesick for our home.

I've talked to my hubster about it. He was feeling totally the same way and completely understood. We went back and forth about it. In the end, we decided it's a tradition worth keeping. I hardly spend any significant amount of time at home anymore, so it's definitely something we should do. My mom just checked in with me a few minutes ago; I miss her terribly already. I also miss my daddy and the other meows. No matter how much I would like to freeze time, it's time to get 2010 going.

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