Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Darn You, Stand and Deliver!


Almost every year in high school, we would watch Stand and Deliver at the end of the year. It was one of those filler thingys that teachers do. It even got to the point my sophomore year that my teacher tried to suprise us by renaming it Sit and Receive. Clever, no?

Where is this story going? Well, I just started teaching summer school. For some reason, I totally felt the pressure to make it a good experience. (I blame all the years of watching Stand and Deliver.) To help the kiddos get a better grasp on concepts from the previous year, so then the next grade won't seem too bad. I wanted to really teach, so the kids wouldn't feel bummed out that they weren't spending all of their vacation at the beach. All this stress and worry led to a not-so-eventful first day. I looked around and realized that I need to be a bit more easygoing. All the teachers were saying how much easier it is. I won't change the world. They won't always be having fun. If a few kids have some fun, it'll be a good thing.

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