Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Pink Friday


This Friday is Pink Friday. Nope, we're not supporting the fight against breast cancer. This Friday is to show support for teachers, students, and schools. There are massive budget cuts on the horizon. Principals are having to lay off teachers. Supplies are getting cut even at the collegiate level. Education is the tool to help our children be prepared to take care of our society.

I am not saying this from the point of view of a teacher-to-be. I am saying it as a concerned member of this society. Children spend too much time in school to deserve mediocre instruction. They are an amazing set of little people who deserve the best in life in every possible way. Wear pink on Friday. Go to a rally. Show you care! You were a student once. Remember that amazing teacher? What if that teacher wasn't there? Would you still be the person you are today?

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