Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Miss You

This past weekend, we got to spend a lovely weekend in Cambria with our endearing old people friends. (We can totally call them old people friends because they refer to us as "the kids.") Their adorable three year old granddaughter (Told you they were old!) was with them. Here's one of my favorite conversations that I have ever overheard:

(Everyone is in the car. Granddaughter is riding in the backseat and grandma's in shot gun.)

Miss M: Grandma, I miss you.
Grandma L: Miss M, I'm right here. Usually, you say you miss someone when they're far away.
Miss M: Okay. I miss my mom.

As she said that she missed her mom, I was overwhelmed by missing my parents. Then, I began to think of who else I missed. I miss all my friends outside of the program that I haven't been able to keep in contact with. (I still have to call Alex back.) I even miss my husband when he sits next to me at home. He may be near me, but I am mentally still in my classroom planning the next day's lesson. I miss my old mentor teacher that I was with earlier this year. I know I am going to miss the mentor teacher I have now and all my friends in the program. Missing people makes my heart feel so heavy.

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