Wednesday, March 25, 2009

New Day

Today feels like a new day. It's funny how rare I have the feeling like a day is a new day. Often, I am carrying the burden of responsibilities not fulfilled the day before such as grading worksheets, preparing a lesson, doing my homework, or picking up my clothes. Lately, my burden has been this huge 50 page write up that I'm creating, as yet another requirement for my credential. It's a big deal. It's a big deal even though the chances of me getting a job for the upcoming academic year are slim. I started writing bright and early this morning. I feel great. I hope this will be a new day when I will get what I need accomplished for the day done. It also gets me one day closer to my hubster being home. (He's been in Colorado on business.) Cheers to the new day!

(taken September 2007)

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