Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Catch Up: Fast Food Junkie

On our drive up to the Bay area this weekend, my hubster and I played name a fast food restaurant and your favorite thing on the menu there. I rattled off of my favorites like it was nothing while he had to do some hardcore thinking most of the time. Our conclusion: We don't know how I wasn't chubby kid. Thank God for my metabolism. He had stingy Asian parents that were totally anti-junk food and artificial colors. Here are my favorite fast foods (at least from what I remember liking when I was younger):

McDonald's: Chicken mcnuggets not the chicken strips
Carl's Jr: Double bacon western cheeseburger (because it was my uncles' favorite) and chicken stars
Taco Bell: Crunchy taco supremes
Burger King: Chicken strips
Jack in the Box: Spicy crispy chicken sandwich, curly fries, and jalapeno poppers
KFC: Popcorn chicken bites
In 'n Out: Cheeseburger animal style and french fries
Pizza Hut: Breadsticks and individual mini pizzas
Little Caesar's: Pepperoni individual pizzas
Rally's: Strawberry milkshake
Sbarro: Pepperoni pizza slice
Panda Express: Veggie chow mein
Wendy's: Strawberry milkshake
Arby's: BLT

By no means is this list a representative of how we eat now. It was just a random game.

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