Sunday, February 8, 2009


We've been having some soggy days down here. What does that lead to exactly? Rainy day schedule at school, which includes rainy day recess and lunch. Therefore, I get to spend tons of time with my kiddos. Here's one of the cute conversations at lunch time.

Me: (eating my pb&j sandwich)
Miss OJ: Mrs. T---?
Me: Yea...Miss OJ?
Miss OJ: You don't like eating the crust of your sandwich?
Me: (looks at a bag full of crusts where my sandwich had been) I guess not. I don't like it with this bread because it's all grainy.
Miss OJ: Grainy?
Me: Yea, it has the oat grains on the crust.

Kiddos are way observant. I need to keep that in mind when I do things including eating my PB&J. I've always known that I don't like the crusts on PB&Js, but I don't have the heart to ask my hubster to cut them off for me in the morning.

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