Sunday, February 8, 2009

Catch Up: Tories v. Rebels

As part of the new curriculum that I'm working with, I get to teach my kiddos about the American Revolution. They've been reading all these stories about the Revolution without knowing what Tories and Rebels were. Kind of important, no? Here's a conversation that I had with them:

Me: Tories are also known as loyalists. They were the ones who did not want to go against the King of England.
Kiddos: Ohhhhhh....
Me: Good. Rebels were the ones who wanted America to be independent.
Mr F: Excuse me, can I ask you something?
Me: Sure.
Mr F: How do you know all of this?
Me: (thinking of how to make this a teachable moment) Well, a long time ago I was in 5th grade and I learned all about it. I still remembered it from then.
Mr F: Ohhh...that was a long time ago.
Mr L: Yea...that was a looong looong looong time ago.
Miss L: It wasn't that looong ago. Right?
Me: So, what page were we on? 301?

One of the hardest things about teaching is not laughing at certain moments. We call these moments lit-biting moments. lol.

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