Thursday, November 20, 2008


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Yesterday, my teacher-partner-in-crime and I went on a field trip to the local Braille institute. We were going to the institute because they had a library where you could check out Braille books. Why did we want a Braille book? Well, one of the lessons in our literature curriculum is about a blind student who teaches another student how to read Braille. We wanted our kids to actually get a chance to see what a Braille book looked like and to touch one.

When we arrived, we found out that you have to have some kind of visual impairment or learning disablity (such as dislexia) to actually acquire a library card at the institute. We were super disappointed. Then, we explained to the librarian our situation. He gave us these neat little cards with the whole braille alphabet on it. Then, he asked us if we wanted a children's book in Braille. He could actually give us the book because it wasn't technically part of his catalog. We each got half of Nancy Drew: The Case of the Creative Crime. We were so excited and eagerly showed our mentor teachers! We can't wait for our kiddos to experience Braille. Thank you to the awesome librarian who has made our week a little brighter and our teaching experience even richer!

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