Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Yummy for the Tummy

In our wee little town, we don't have many legit restaurants to choose from, but the few legit restaurants that we have tried so far have been delicious! Here's our take on a couple of them.

  • China Panda: Not to be confused with Panda Express. I know they sound a lot alike. When you walk in, you're transported to an authentic looking Chinese restaurant that you would find in the Bay Area or in Monterey Park. The service is a-mazing. The manager comes by to say hello. We've had the same waiter twice and he remembers us. (Yes, that's how small this town is.) We recommend the gourmet dinner. It might be called something else? It comes with wonton soup (a heaving portion), appetizers, entree of your choosing, and regular or fried rice. Get the fried rice. It's some of the best fried rice we've had. It's so authentic that you don't get charged for tea and soda comes in a can--not out of soda fountain.

  • A.J. Spurs: If you're a member of P.E.T.A, don't go even if you're not a vegan. There are dead animals everywhere! I've never seen so many dead animals and I've been to the Natural History branch of the Smithsonian. There was even half a deer hanging from the wall. Dead animals aside, the food (minus the ribs) is delicious. The portions are huge! The soup and beans are tasty. You get a root beer float for dessert with your whole entree course.

  • Burrito Loco: It's a cute small family own restaurant. Their son will probably ask you if you're eating in or to go. Again, we've seen all the same people each time we've been. They always have a smile. Mondays and Tuesdays are all you can eat taco buffet nights. The tacos are awesome! The downside is that most of it is fried. The salsa is flavorful. The prices are reasonable. For example, the all you can eat crispy chicken tacos cost me only $5.99. The chicken was perfect every single time. When we left, our waitress asked if we had a good dinner and the cook peeked through the little window to see our response. We smiled at him and said it was delicious. He smiled and waved back. How awesome is that?

  • Ellen's: If you don't mind waiting, Ellen's is worth the wait. We got there around 10:30am. We didn't get seated until 11:00am. Keep in mind we went on a Sunday. Instead of having breakfast (which they're famous for), we had lunch. The lunch was better than we expected. We asked for our bacon to be extra crispy. As my hubster says, "No wiggly fat for us, please." It came out perfect, not burnt. We tried some of Steve-o's danish pancake. Super tasty. It's a variation of a crepe. There's also homemade jams on the table which go perfectly with the pancakes. It's a little pricey but not a disappointment. Again, the service was a-mazing.
Sorry this post is so long, but I wanted to give everyone the credit they deserve! :) We heart our little town.

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