Sunday, September 14, 2008

Catch Up: Danes Do It Better

I feel like my blog has been overtaken by text lately. Honestly, I've just been too busy to take pictures. Whatever pictures I have taken are still sitting on my memory card and haven't been uploaded or edited yet. Finally, I took a break to at least edit a couple.

After our first full week of being in our new place, we decided to go out for a Sunday pancake breakfast. We had been doing crazy unpacking and catch-up painting the day before. Lucky for us, we live down the street from numerous bakeries and pancake restaurants.

We decided to go to Paula's Pancake House. Surprisingly, there wasn't a line out the door like there was the weekend before. Maybe, most of the tourists went back home. Overall, it was okay. Our pancakes were a little overdone. I definitely prefer Ellen's. I highly recommend Danish pancakes because they're a lot like crepes. Thin and heavenly. Here are some photos from our pancake breakfast and much needed break.

That's only 2 pancakes!
Not included in the picture were 2 eggs.
Not bad for only $8+. It was enough for both of us.

My hubster just making funny faces.
No, he's not about to throw up. lol

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