Saturday, August 2, 2008

Viva La Fiesta!

Since Thursday evening, Fiesta has been the talk of the town. It goes from Thursday-Sunday. There are all sorts of parades and activities centered around this fiesta theme. I finally got to have a little Fiesta time after my Saturday class ended. We started with some lunch of delicious Pork Adobado tacos. My hubster failed to tell me that I might find chunks of squishy slimy fat mixed in with my delicious pork, so I would actually eat it. I ended up stumbling across a huge bit of glistening fat when I got to my third taco. All I can say is thank god I ate that taco last because it went downhill after that first fat-laden bite. Afterwards, we headed down to the courthouse gardens to check out the festivities there. We ended up exploring the courthouse because the only entertainment were the dancers that we already saw at the other park.

Delicious savory tacos.

The front of the courthouse.
We went up to the top of that clock tower later on.

Dramatic fountain outside of the courthouse.
It doesn't compare to European fountains.

Interior arch. Church-like, right?

View of cultural dancers below.

It's those Spanish terracotta tiles that SB is known for.

It was shady.
I'm really not that dark.

A courtroom open to the public.
It has murals about the Spanish conquistadors
who "converted the enlightened Indians" of the area.

The legal library where we learned we can't be lawyers.

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