Tuesday, August 12, 2008

I Live In...

This is poem I made during my writing class. We're supposed to be learning how to make poetry more accessible to students. One way to make it more accessible is to allow students to copy a format of a poem. It's a form of imitation writing (not plagiarism). The original poem is in a book called I Live in Music.

I Live in the Eyes of Those Who Love Me

I live in the eyes of those who love me.
Is this where you live?
I live here in their eyes.
I live on gazing lane.
My friend lives on watchful boulevard.
Do you live in someone else's eyes?
Their eyes can read me like I'm an open book.
Their gazes reassure me when I'm lost.
I've got love that envelops me like fog.
I wander around in their eyes because I know I'm safe.
I live in their eyes
Dream of them.
Never want to live without them.

I live in his eyes.

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