Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Trying to Tell Me Something?

My parents and really close friends are big believers in signs, not the kind of signs like street signs. They're more into cosmic, divine signs. Well, I was on the phone with my mom telling her how I feel like a big fat failure right now, etc. She replied with, "It's because you're a perfectionist. You always want to be on top of the game." I know she's right. I won't deny that. I'm definitely a self-admitted perfectionist. Just as I got off the phone to wallow in my own self pity, I checked one of my favorite blogs and saw this article:

The Pitfalls Of Perfectionism

You could say that perfectionism is a crime against humanity. Adaptability is the characteristic that enables the species to survive--and if there's one thing perfectionism does, it rigidifies behavior. It constricts people just when the fast-moving world requires more flexibility and comfort with ambiguity than ever. It turns people into success slaves.

Perfectionists, experts now know, are made and not born, commonly at an early age. They also know that perfectionism is increasing. One reason: Pressure on children to achieve is rampant, because parents now seek much of their status from the performance of their kids. And, by itself, pressure to achieve is perceived by kids as criticism for mistakes; criticism turns out to be implicit in it. Perfectionism, too, is a form of parental control, and parental control of offspring is greater than ever in the new economy and global marketplace, realities that are deeply unsettling to today's adults. more>>

If that's not a big ol' sign than I'll never know what a sign is. Gosh, I must be getting really blind if I have to have these big of hints come by my way.

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