Monday, March 3, 2008

Did You Know ___________?

A walrus from our Naural History Museum trip.

As previously mentioned, I'm knee deep in sea animals with my kiddos. Today, they had to do some web research about their specific sea animal. I learned tons of new weird facts about blue whales, lobsters, clams, sea horses, and sharks. Yay, more random information I can use when we play Trivia Pursuit or Cranium! Now, we're going to play the "Did you know?" game.

Did you know:

blue whales are the loudest animals? They're even louder than a jet.

lobsters eat their skin when they molt?

lobsters swim backwards when they're in danger and need to move quickly?

the largest lobster ever caught weighed 44 pounds?

a walrus can be as tall as 14 feet and weigh over 2,000 pounds?

clams don't have a head or eyes most of the time, but they do have a heart, kidneys, and an anus?

some sharks eat clams?

seahorses use their tails to hook onto coral, so they're not swept away by the currents?

Don't you feel smarter? :)

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hovaleen said...

I miss you and your stories Miss.