Monday, December 5, 2011

December? Really?

These past couple of weeks (including the one that just finished) have been a haze of being overworked. Almost every fun thing was plowed over by too many work commitments or being exhausted from work. For Halloween, we forgot to carve our pumpkins. They're still sitting on our porch. (We're thinking about carving Christmas trees on them.) For Thanksgiving break, we were so worn out from work that we spent most of our time napping. It looks like the weeks before Christmas might suffer the same fate. I'm determined to at least have some holidayness to them. Here is my list:

Wrap gifts. 
Drink egg nog. 
Go to a holiday parade.
Watch a Charlie Brown's Christmas. 

Get our Christmas cards made and sent. 
Get a tree! We have too many new ornaments from this year to put up.

Ready, set, go! 

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