Sunday, November 6, 2011

Falling for Fall

I adore fall. I have tried to think of the possible reasons why I've fallen for fall. From my childhood, my all time favorite Winnie the Pooh video was about the blustery day and leaves falling everywhere. On that same video, Pooh and Piglet were throwing sticks and pine cones into the river. Those memories are rather faded and worn.

Now, fall reminds me of college days gone by. The relief of seeing the hubster after an endless summer. The cool crisp air nipping at my nose while strolling through Farmer's Market on Thursday evenings. The savoring of the last of the tomato and avocado crops. The need to purchase a new cozy jacket or hopping into my favorite worn out jacket.  

As a teacher, I think of turkey and pilgrim crafts. Most important, I love hearing what the kiddos are thankful for. I can only dream of the day when a kiddo will say that he's thankful for me and his dad. 

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