Friday, November 11, 2011

Catch Up: Spirit of Dana Point

I've been putting off this post for almost an entire month. How silly, right? I just couldn't find the right words to describe the experience. I just thought that any words would sound trivial when compared to my memories. Well, here I go...

On October 17th, I took my kiddos on our first field trip of the year. It was an overnight field trip on a replica of a 1800s schooner that was docked in our local harbor. Imagine 25 fourth graders, 7 chaperones and 1 rookie teacher all together on this kind of boat but smaller. I wasn't nervous or stressed about the trip until I loaded my kiddos on the bus. Then, it hit me. All the planning, organizing and cramming has brought us to this moment. My kiddos were going to be treated like 19th century sailors and they were going to have to take care of one another. 

The most glorious thing happened. The field trip was flawless! The crew was amazing with the kiddos. Tough love all the way. My kiddos communicated and cooperated with each other. The pride beaming from their faces as they worked together to hoist each other in a boatswains chair and rowing a long boat to gather hides was priceless. I was overwhelmed with joy for them. 

Why am I now recanting this episode? I was just reading their writing assessments, which had a prompt about the Tall Ship. They wrote with expression and included so many details. For their closing sentence, many students wrote, "I'll never forget the Tall Ship experience!" I feel so honored to be part of their memories. 

Sorry for recycling images. I try not to do it too often. I just totally loved that picture. Isn't our scenery gorgeous? Aren't my kiddos ridiculously cute? 

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