Wednesday, October 12, 2011


When things start feeling heavy, I start getting my traveling itch. Any type of trip will soothe my itch. I'm absolutely content to travel a mere hour and half to the north. I just want to be anywhere but here. I want for a few brief moments to feel free as free as I did when I was in college. 

Perhaps, my traveling itch is getting itchier because it feels like fall has finally rolled in. The sky is clear blue. The air is crisp. The fog hides the hills in the morning. Pumpkins of all shapes and sizes are strewn about. It reminds me of getting settled back into college. I miss buying new books, strolling on the pathway and having professors push my thinking. I miss feeling the weightlessness of being free from any major responsibility. My only responsibilities involved going to class and getting good grades. Everything else was magically taken care of by my parents. 

Oh, how I'm craving that weightlessness again. The countdown to October 21st begins today. It'll be our first mini getaway trip this month. 

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