Thursday, August 4, 2011

"All I'm Saying Is, Kindness Don't Have No Boundaries."

This summer has been the summer of reading. One of my current summer reads is The Help. Yes, the book that every book club lady has been talking about forever. Well, I read up to page around 300 and had to take a break. I just couldn't bear to read on. Nothing too terrible had happened to the main characters just yet. A few broken hearts and embarrassing moments here and there. The suspense is totally building. I couldn't bear to hear about awful things happening to any of them. I was telling my hubster these sentiments. He just giggled a bit. How could I be so attached to the characters? Well, that's how I know it's so well written when I'm that emotionally attached. It's such a heartfelt read. If you like The Help, I totally recommend The Color of Water.

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